Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Start of the 2013/2014 Domestic Season

Hey everyone...

Yes, cricket season is here and what a wonderful time for all of us!! The domestic season has started and we've already seen the bizhub Highveld Lions compete in the CLT20. To my teammates that represented South Africa alongside the Unlimited Titans on the world stage: bad luck boys - let's get back to winning ways in the Momentum Cup!!!

So, I get to Potchefstroom on Wednesday morning and start our training session - ready and excited to get onto the field and start the season. Surprise, surprise!!! My season will not yet start after all... I tore the same meniscus which kept me out of action for five months last year. Now, despite the fact that it is a crap feeling and as frustrating as it might be, I must really commend the medical staff at Mooimed Clinic and Discovery Medical Aid for their swift, efficient and just great service.

I got to the clinic at 11:30 in the morning, had everything organised by 12:30 and was out of surgery by 20:00.

So, this blog is not about the cricket at all, but about a very positive experience I had with modern day medical technology, efficient staff and a great surgical team. Also, I have just yet again realised how important it is in modern day sport to have all of these things in order. Like I said, it is the second time that I have had surgery on this knee and both times the time span between me getting injured and getting out of the hospital/clinic was less than 24 hours!! Added onto this, is that not once have I had to pay anything myself - I was fully covered by the medical aid. This is a great assurance in a time where the only thing you want to be thinking about is what impact this injury will have on your season, or career.

I also watched the DVD of my surgery - wow!!! Tell you what, we have moved forward in medicine when it comes to the technology... As I'm sitting watching Nadal and Djokovic beat each other up on the tennis court (Nadal himself having suffered from serious knee problems as of late...), I can only wonder how long my dad's recovery was after his knee surgery. I look at the scar on his knee and then look at the two small incisions I have and think: what the hell did they cut through in the past?!? Don't get me wrong, it's not like I am saying that surgery in the past was less efficient, or bad!! What I am saying, is that it is wonderful how people dedicate their lives to the continuous improvement and enhancement of techniques etc so that anyone can have an increased  quality of life!!

I take my hat of to these people!!!

Lastly, if there was anything I learnt from this week again, it is this...

Make sure that you have your health covered. Whether you are a professional sportsman or woman, working in high risk jobs, or whether you are an ordinary guy - life does throw funny things your way whenever it wants - normally when you least expect it, or can afford it. Make sure that you have the right insurance and cover that you will need - it leaves you with a lot of  re-assurance when you have the right insurance...

Health definitely is Wealth...

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